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The official Opening of Odessa Youth Probation Center

Admin 12/05/2017 512 News

May 12, 2017 Youth Probation Center was officially opened today in Odessa. The center is a place for provision of comprehensive services to the youth who have come into conflict with the law due to various life circumstances. The opening ceremony was attended by Mr. Denis Chernyshov, Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine, Mr. Karim Morcos, Director of Cooperation, Embassy of Canada, and Mr. Pavlo Vuhelman, Deputy of Mayor of Odessa.

At the newly opened Youth Probation Center, teenagers will be able to undergo correction programs on anger management, management of emotions, and conflict resolution; here, they will have the opportunity to learn new things and participate in prosocial activities. The Center will offer individual support to the youth and their families, to help the children to communicate better with their families, friends, at school and in the community. Special attention is paid to children's rights. The premises of the Center have been renovated to provide a friendly and safe environment for teenagers.

The Youth Probation Center in Odessa was opened with the support of the UJJRP, implemented by the Agriteam Canada Consulting Ltd., with the financial support of Global Affairs Canada.

Below you can find few videos from TV Media that covered the event.

The official Opening of Odessa Youth Probation Center

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