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Plight of Children Behind Bars featured in documentary that highlights the ongoing reforms in the area of criminal justice for minors in Ukraine

Admin 21/03/2013 2 829 News / Press Releases

Kyiv, 21 March 2013 – The premiere showing of a documentary film called Children Behind Bars was held this evening at the Kinopalats Cinema in Kyiv. Over 100 dignitaries and guests, including representatives from Ukraine’s central & regional governments & agencies, as well as from the diplomatic core & international community in Kiev, gathered for the viewing, which was followed by a reception.

The documentary film features contemporary issues of the justice system for minors in Ukraine by telling the true stories of boys and girls who are incarcerated in youth colonies across Ukraine.

More than 8,000 youth across the country are sentenced under the Criminal Code of Ukraine each year. Currently, over 1,400 youth are incarcerated in youth colonies, away from their families & community. Many of these young people will spend most of their teenage years in custody, often serving custody sentence of 4 to 8 years. The path to prison for most of these youth is littered with warning signs and small crimes: more than 60% of incarcerated youth had been already serving a suspended sentence for another – often minor - criminal offense when they were arrested.

Children Behind Bars speaks to this issue and highlights opportunities for change and what Ukrainian stage agencies have done to date in order to implement effective approaches to deal with youth who come into conflict with the law, promote their rehabilitation and resocialization, and thus help prevent youth crime in the longer run.

The film, which will serve as a tool for public awareness & engagement, was produced by the Ukraine Juvenile Justice Reform Project, in cooperation with Rozmai Media Center, with financial support provided by the Government of Canada through Canadian International Development Agency.

Watch now in our website: Children Behind Bars

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