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Training Criminal Executive Inspection Staff on Probation Methodologies

Admin 17/11/2015 728 News / Press Releases

YAP Coaching on Criminal Reoffending Risks for Criminal - Executive Inspection Sector of State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine Department in Zaporizhia Region

November 12-13, 2015 – UJJRP held YAP Couching for 16 (13 female and 3 male) Zaporizhia CEI Stuff. Melitopol partners trained probation officers, CEI Psychologist and Specialist on probation service social work issues to assess the minors’ individual reoffending risk level. YAP Coaching on Criminal Reoffending Risks was carried out in Zaporizhia Attendance Centre for Children and Youth in Conflict with the Law (AC), which is fully operating since June, 2015 and was participated by Director of Zaporizhia Social Services Centre for Families, Children and Youth, Liudmyla Tokareva and ZSSCFCU Stuff.

As the AC uses the methodologies specifically designed to reduce the risk of reoffending by the young people and provides individual rehabilitative programs for youth by closely linking them with their needs to available services the Coaching improved Zap AC and CEI partners’ cooperation.

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