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Juvenile Probation: Attendance Centre Model

Admin 19/11/2013 1 937 Articles

The model provides probation-type services for youth who have received non-custodial sentences taking into account their level of risk to reoffend and needs.

Management of the youth’s case is carried out in a joint effort between the Criminal Executive Inspection (CEI), which is the agency that supervises youth who have received non-custodial sentences, Social Services Centers and other services providers. The CEI as a supervisory and referring agency completes a comprehensive assessment of the youth and the Attendance Centers established under the auspices of the Social Services Centers provide rehabilitative programming based on the specific profile of the youth and their needs.

The model was developed and implemented in Melitopol (Zaporizhia region) in 2011 and has been subsequently selected by the Penitentiary Service for replication in Ivano-Frankivsk, Zaporizhia, Mariupol.

With adoption of the Law on Probation in early 2015, cooperation modalities and methodologies piloted in these cities have been utilized by the Penitentiary Service of Ukraine to establish the Probation Centers for Youth in Lviv (2015) and Kyiv (coming in 2016).


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