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Juvenile Justice Models

Admin 10/05/2014 2 150 Articles

UJJRP works with national and local level agencies in order to develop and pilot approaches and methodologies that aim to improve services and treatment for young offenders and prevent youth crime.

These models related to each stage of the justice system and are implemented in several cities of Ukraine:


  • School Police Officer Model
    The model involves regular presence of police officers in schools and cooperation with school community on crime prevention. Meetings and proactive crime prevention activities with school students...


  • Pre-Sentence Reports
    The model provides court with objective information about young people accused of a crime to help support judge’s decision on the best sentencing option which would help rehabilitate the young offender...


  • Special Trial Procedures for Juveniles
    UJJRP works with local courts to implement guidelines that augment existing trial procedures in areas that are not regulated by the Criminal Procedure Code. Such procedures include...


  • Juvenile Probation: Attendance Centre Model
    The model provides probation-type services for youth who have received non-custodial sentences taking into account their level of risk to reoffend and needs...
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