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School Police Officer Model

Admin 10/07/2014 1 435 Articles

It was developed and launched in 2012 in Ivano-Frankivsk under the framework of the Police School Cooperation pilot project aiming to increase collaboration of youth police and school administrations on incident response and crime prevention.
The model has two components:

1. School Police Officers Program

Trained police officers are designated as School Police Officers and assigned to particular schools in order to be an additional resource to a school administration with regard to crime prevention activities and incident response. School Police Officers serve as a focal point between schools and other law-enforcement structures and will:

  • provide lectures on safety, law enforcement issues and crime prevention;
  • liaise with teachers and parents, share information that could prevent crime and/or negative trends in the community;
  • respond to incidents in schools as appropriate, and participate in investigations as necessary.

2. Police Officers’ Meetings with Students in School

In Ivano-Frankivsk and later on Lviv police officers jointly with the Plast National Scouting Organization have piloted the Explorers Program – a school-based scouting and law enforcement exploration program for students. The primary goal was to create a platform to interact with youth on pro-social activities and collaboration between the police, students and the communities in which they live.

The Explorers Program was developed to follow the school year and includes eight thematic modules for students aged 12 and up covering issues related to law enforcement, criminal law, personal and community safety. Within each module, Explorers work towards completing a community service project of their choice which is related to that module’s theme. Such projects may include helping community members, such as pensioners, improvement of the some aspects of the community, such as school playgrounds or town parks. Other projects focus on awareness rising of some issues, such as presentations for younger students on personal safety, or for parents on internet safety.

In addition to the Explorers, UJJRP worked with the Patrol Police Department to develop a handbook for police officers conducting meetings and thematic sessions with youth in schools. The handbook provides guidance on how to talk to students about their rights, personal and community safety, traffic rules, police work, internet safety and crime prevention. The manual included material developed by UJJRP, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Ukraine, International Women’s Rights Center "La Strada Ukraine”, Volunteer NGO and the OSCE Project Coordinator in Ukraine.

The School Police Officers model was developed to support the reforms being undertaken by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and the National Police of Ukraine.


The Explorers Program poster and manual Children Identification Card and the Leaflet for Parents School and Police Guide
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